Hi there!

Welcome to the musings of a high school English teacher. My name is Jillian and this is my creative space to reflect on my teaching, share some of my experiences and resources with you, and get to know a whole lot of you.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach beginning ESL, college prep and honors students in grades 9-12; it has been my experience that EVERY student wants their academics to be relevant and relatable. Every teacher whom I have had the pleasure to work with that teaches their students with adoration, or a deep love or respect, has been incredibly successful. Successful in making connections with their students. Successful in relaying content and information. Successful in making a difference.

Teaching is, by nature, a very reciprocal profession. (p.s. If you aren’t giving AND receiving, you’re doing it wrong!) Throughout the years I have learned copious amounts from those around me. The fabulous teachers I’ve come to know, have made ALL the difference in my world today. It is with that in mind that I have created this space. I hope to create a community for teachers to find inspiration and resources to 1) make your life easier 2) reinvigorate your love for teaching and 3) provide a place to connect. I hope you’re able to find a useful nugget or two while you’re here. And I hope you’ll share some of your own incredible insights and strategies as well.